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DaveHouse Productions, Corp. has several stage projects ready for production.  Currently, DaveHouse Productions is working with Storybook Productions to go on the road with the stage play Martin: Duty Calls;  a play about Martin and Coretta's relationship during the turbulent civil rights era.  For more information on the play and booking opportunities please visit


APPLAUSE for Miss E. was selected for the National Black Theatre Festival’s Readers Series in 2003. In 2004, David directed the theater production of APPLAUSE for Miss E. at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood’s famous theater district. It received two nominations from the 2004 A.D.A. Awards: Best Ensemble Cast-Comedy and Author of an Original Play. It also received three nods from the NAACP Theatre Awards Committee, who recognized the production for its light design, one of David’s side passions. APPLAUSE for Miss E., was released on DVD in 2009 starring Vanessa Bell Calloway, Gina Torres and Roger Guenevere Smith and aired on BET in 2010. Also in 2010, David produced a stage reading of APPLAUSE for Miss E starring Suzzanne Douglas and Count Stoval.

DaveHouse Productions, Corp. is continually striving to bring excellence to the stage with quality talent, directing and vision.

Martin Duty Calls Sizzle Reel
Applause for Miss E Promo Video
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