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Mama's Song


Roland “Rolo” Williams is a good kid who’s forced to pick up the pieces of a broken family when his father walks out, leaving his mother to wallow in depression that leads to drugs and a younger brother, Nathan, to cling to Rolo for he’s the only constant symbol of good in the rough streets of South Central Los Angeles.  Rolo’s love for is younger brother forces him step up and take on the responsibility of teacher and protector.  Raul “Base” Baysario thinks of Rolo as an equal.  Raul is all of the things you said.  Street hustler, knows the streets and believes He and Rolo could rule the world.  But Rolo’s Mom allows her drug dealer to live with them and he is a very disrespectful man who’s drug affiliations threatens to bring too much drama to their home.  One night, on Rolo’s birthday, Rolo and the drug dealing live in, Juju Stan, get into it and Rolo is being forced out of the house by the drug dealer.  Rolo’s younger brother, Nathan, fearing his brother is going to leave him like his father did before finds a gun (left at the house by Base) and when he fires it to shoot Juju Stan, he mistakenly hits their mother.  Rolo then takes the gun from Nathan and in defense of them both kills Juju Stan.  Rolo, protecting his brother, hides the gun where he knew the police could find it and also makes sure Base would be associated with it.  Thus protecting his brother.  But the events of that night end up driving the brothers apart and Rolo dreams about it mostly around his birthday.

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