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Short Films

I Will Wait For You

I Will Wait for You (Romance)  Horatio Green is looking to advance in his profession as a photographer.  When given the opportunity to impress his boss, he's tasked with taking the photos of the woman of his dreams.  Although they have a deep connection, she's already spoken for.  This dream can never be.

Concrete River

Concrete River (Drama, Suspence) is the story of Rolo Williams and the terrible mistake he makes trying to live by the uncompromising rules of the street.  This mistake puts Rolo face to face with his own fear.  This mistake could in the end, costs him his life.

Prime of Life

Prime of Life (Drama, Fantacy) is the tale of Grace and Jacob's quest to not allow fate to dictate the manner in which they live out their last days. 

Last Shuttle to the Moon

Last Shuttle to the Moon (Romance) After suffering a nervous breakdown due to an extra-marital affair, a novelist is released from a mental institution back into the care of his ex-wife.


Rolo, forced to seek revenge for his brother's killer, accidentally kills an innocent little boy. As a result, Rolo hunts down and kills the entire gang including the OG that forced him to participate in the first place.

Damn Baby!

Damn Baby! (Comedy) a tired mother looses it when her husband seems to not grasp the complexities of "stay at home" motherhood.

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